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discovering the Champenoise Method in Campania

DUBL was born from the desire of Feudi di San Gregorio to experiment the Champenoise Method on native Campania grapes (Greco, Aglianico and Falanghina), which show a natural “sparkling vocation” enriched by an irreverent and jovial character.


The DUBL project starts in 2004. We were proud of the greatness of Irpinia indigenous vines and we decided to give them a new way to express their outstanding potential: through a four centuries old technique for the production of a sparkling wine in the bottle, the so-called Classical or Champenoise Method. We looked then for a consultant to help us along this path: not “just a technician” but a wine maker with a consolidated philosophy and experience in transferring to wines the soul of a terroir. Feudi di San Gregorio found this unique expertise in Anselme Selosse, a small producer from Avize in the Champagne region celebrated for his wines and for his deep knowledge of vines and vineyards.  An encounter marking the beginning of our journey in combining – in our DUBL wines – the excellence of the sparkling technique with the uniqueness of the Irpinia terroir.
In April 2016, DUBL ESSE is presented, the limited edition Zero Dosage. ESSE (letter s) as for Selection, because it is made only with the best grapes of our Greco vineyards and expresses its full potential, with at least 36 months on lees. The packaging, conceived by the great designer Fabio Novembre, is an extraordinary expression of contemporary design.

The champenoise method

The Classical (or Champenoise) Method is a technique with more than four centuries of tradition: the second fermentation of the wine – transforming a still wine into sparkling – happens in the bottle, through the addition of sugar and yeast.

The process of the Champenoise Method

  • The "tirage" takes place after the first fermentation of the wine (responsible for transforming the grape sugar into alcohol). The wine is then bottled in the typical champagne bottle, a special liqueur (liqueur de tirage) is added and the bottle is eventually sealed with a crown cap. So begins the second fermentation, phase in which the liqueur de tirage generates, among others, carbon dioxide giving the effervescence to the wine.

  • Once concluded the second fermentation, here comes the “remuage”: the bottles are aged, placed on special racks called pupitres and inclined more and more until reaching a vertical position with the crown cap pointed down.

  • Now everything is ready for the “dégorgement”. The neck of the bottle freezes thus allowing the deposit of the sediment (residual from the liqueur de tirage) formed during the fermentation.

  • You just have to "uncork" the bottle through the operation of dégorgement, to allow the pressure to push out this plug of ice containing the lees. Finally, the addition of the "liqueur d'expedition", the secret of all Cellar Master, followed by a final period of aging. Now the bottles are ready and can be opened... it’s time to party!

The Territory

Campania, in its inner areas, is a unique region for viticulture. The intense temperature variations between day and night, the wind path and the exposure of the vineyards are perfect to express the full potential of the grapes. The territory lies in the heart of the Southern Apennines, bitter and sweet, and characterized by a continuous succession of mountains, hills and plains interspersed with rivers. An ancient and intense hinterland, originally volcanic, whose vineyards find testimony in the ancient texts of Pliny, Columella and Strabone. Our team now works on 723 small vineyards, day after day, making sure that soils and vines are healthy and selecting the best grapes of Greco, Aglianico and Falanghina, for the production of DUBL.

  • DUBL+

    GRAPES: Greco 100%

    Brillant with a copious, fine-grained and very persistent perlage. In the nose large and fragrant notes of minerality typical of the yeast fermentation in the bottle. The palate is vertical, austere, very elegant with great persistence, which extends the pleasure of a varietal fully expressing its terroir. Particularly suitable for raw fish (sushi), lobster or shellfish risotto.

    Glass: flûte
    Temperature: 10 °C

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    GRAPES: Aglianico 100%

    Pale pink, yet brilliant shade with fine and persistent perlage. In the nose it gives off the irreverent intensity of the Aglianico grape, open and jovial; it seduces the palate with notes of ripe fruit and soy without losing elegance and balance. Good persistence, and great pairing versatility: preparations of fish (soups, pasta dishes or roast) pizza, rustic pies, velvet vegetables, fresh cheeses.

    Glass: flûte
    Temperature: 8 °C

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    GRAPES: Falanghina 100%

    Brilliant straw yellow with fine and persistent perlage. Intense and delicate, DUBL Brut expresses its grace on the palate with ginger and roots notes . It is the ideal aperitif, because it combines the fine perlage of Champenoise Method and the pleasure and the "spontaneity" of the Falanghina grape.

    Glass: flûte
    Temperature: 8 °C

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    GRAPES: Greco 100%

    Only the best grapes from the most exciting vineyards in the Tuforegion. No compromises or concessions, but plenty of care and attention from the vine to the bottle for a remarkably complex wine.

    Glass: flûte
    Temperature: 8 °C

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    GRAPES: Aglianico

    A unique sparkling wine, in limited edition without liquer d’expedition,
    is born from the grapes of the most exciting vineyards of the Taurasi area and
    reflects the great quality potential of the Irpinia’s terroir.

    Glass: flûte
    Temperature: 8 °C

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The selected vines have turned out to be the perfect candidates, as they put together the maturity of aromatic acidity and the sugar concentration perfect for sparkling wines.

Select a Vines:


    It’s the noblest Italian white vine of the South. In ancient times Greco grape was named “Twin Aminea” because this grape develops a large number of double clusters. Before the arrival of the DNA analysis, Columella Onorati, a studious from Naples of the first years of the nineteenth century, has shown that this variety is genetically similar to the Asprinio from Caserta, previously known in the area for its particular vocation to be sparkling. In the past it was believed that the Greco belonged, however, to the family of Pinots for his qualities and in particular its high acidity. That’s why from this vine we can produce a fine sparkling wine, given the demonstrated similarities with the varieties of Champagne.


    Falanghina is an ancient variety, whose name is derived from the method of cultivation of the vine: the latin word “Falanga” (a long wooden rod to support the pergola), used in Roman times. The first written citation of a grape with that name dates back to 1804; then is mentioned in a work of the agriculture of Niccola Columella Onorati that inserts Falanghina among the grapes that were "good to eat." Many years later, in the '30s, a group of preeminent enologists crowned Falanghina as one of the best Italian grapes, largely recommending its dissemination in the Southern regions.


    Traditional grape, Aglianico is one of the noblest and the most important vines in Italy. Debated is the origin of its name. A deep-rooted theory refers the etymon of “Aglianico” (or “Glianica”) to Hellanico or Ellenico, confirming the Greek origin of the vine. Anyway, lots of linguists think that the pair Aglianico-hellenicus it’s hardly credible, because they consider that the Aglianico is the result of a mix of a very old vine and several local indigenous varieties.

DUBL Bar is situated in Capodichino Airport at ground floor, Boarding Area Gate 13. The project intends to confirm the excellence of DUBL in the Italian sparkling wine landscape. The DUBL bar has a warm and contemporary format, providing a relaxing and exclusive experience before the flight. The ingredients used at DUBL bar are of the finest quality, coming from small campanian producers and carefully selected by chef Paolo Barrale, Michelin star since 2009.Our culinary offerings were inspired by our wish to highlight our territory through simple and honest preparations which can satisfy different tastes and dietary requirements (including celiacs and vegans), and represent a dynamic and balanced pairing to our sparkling Champenois Method wines: DUBL.

  • News and Events

    Updated on 17/11/2016
  • The great sparkling wines of the world

    Published on 17/11/2016

    DUBL is waiting for you in Milan on November 21st during the event “The Great sparkling Wines of the world” organized by Civiltà del Bere, at the National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo Da Vinci”. Info: T. +39 0825 986611


    Published on 20/04/2016

    Watch DUBL ESSE video on  https://youtu.be/og43xzyGckM


    Published on 18/04/2016

    DUBL has been enriched by a new great sparkling wine, in limited edition, and a new great design collaboration, with the unique contribution of Fabio Novembre: today, April 18th 2016, Zero Dosage DUBL ESSE will be presented at Larte in Milan. ESSE (letter s) as for Selection, which reflects the great quality potential of our sparkling wines and the territory that brings them to light. The packaging, conceived by the great designer Fabio Novembre, is an extraordinary expression of contemporary design. The deluxe package, in limited edition, is available on: http://store.feudi.it/shop/le-edizioni-limitate/dubl-esse/

Where we are

Località Cerza Grossa 83050
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How to reach us

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